Fabien is a full time employed architect by Piercy & Company.

Fabien grew up in Brittany, France. After working in Paris and in Grenada, Spain Fabien settled in London in 2009. He and his American wife share a charming flat and enjoy brunching together in Islington on the weekends.


Although Fabien is preferential to avocado on toast, he shares a variety of interests and hobbies that keep him active. He enjoys photography, thai boxing, and viewing contemporary art within London's fine galleries. He has also been known among friends to be an amateur bonsai tree grower. While Fabien has a variety of interests, he would like you to know that cooking is most definitely not one of them.

Fabien advocates for a simple unfussy approach to architecture. He believes that restraint and editing will yield elegant spaces that will stand the test of modern fads. If there's one thing that Fabien likes, it's a building which inspires pride.

He is an experienced architect interested in high-end private houses and flats although he can usually be tempted by other projects which require a good eye for detail.